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Caucusing With The Caucus-goers

As Iowans prepared to go to the caucuses, we gathered a cross-section of voters from all over the state to find out what was really on their minds. Katie Couric asked 13 voters several questions. Here are some of their answers that didn't quite make it into the Evening News piece, but that we thought you might enjoy.

"It's nice not to get confused with Idaho and Ohio anymore."
  • Bill, a Republican, in response to a question about Iowa's role in the presidential election.

    "I want it to go on forever. I love it."

  • Karen Wendt, on the caucus season

    But at least one of these voters will be glad when it's over.

    "My phone rang non-stop last night, and I carry mail, and the political mail is just horrible, especially at this time."

  • Mary, a Democrat
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