Catching Up With Sandra

The Early Show video grab: Sandra Survivor
Sandra Diaz-Twine says she has to thank Lil for her new life as a "Survivor: Pearl Islands" winner.

"I'm going to send her a thank-you card," she joked to The Early Show co-anchors Harry Smith and Julie Chen.

Lil chose to take Sandra, rather than third-place finisher, Jon, to the final two with her.

On a more serious note, she said the major decision she has made since winning the game is quitting her job. She did it prior to being on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

Sandra says, "I called in to talk to my boss, but she wasn't there at the time, so I talked to the staff at the HR and I was like, 'Liz, I'm not coming in. I'd hate for stuff to pile up, waiting on me, and with so many things I have to do, it's best you guys find somebody else.' They said, 'We knew, we knew, we were waiting for you to give us a heads up.'"

Her life since winning Sunday has been busy with TV engagements, which she says has been nerve-wracking. "Because although people say you're doing real good, you look like you're loving it," Sandra said, I'm nervous inside, I really am."

Next on the list, "I'm going to go with the final four to the People's Choice Award on the 11th," she says.

With her $1 million prize, she plans to take a cruise, " she said, quickly adding, but not to Panama.

"I want to go maybe to Jamaica, the Bahamas, something like that," she said. "I've told everybody I'm not going to jump in the water. I'm just going to be on the boat."