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Cat wins "hands down" and dog remakes classic TV

(CBS News) Raise your hands up in the air if you love cats! I'm going to assume many of you probably raised your hands, but if you happen to love the specific cat in this video above, he's probably not going to take too kindly to your display of adoration. In fact, he may even have a way of showing you just how much he dislikes hands anywhere but flat on the table. Take a look.

So, I suppose... put your hands palm-down if you loved the clip? The cute cat moment was posted on YouTube by ignoramusky, and just goes to show how fickle felines can be sometimes. (Which is probably why so many of us love them.) Up next, a pug shows some love of his own for a classic television moment in this rather random tribute from YouTube user shawn barrington below. Does it make any sense? Not really. But who cares at all when it's just so darned adorable!

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