Cat "sings" to music and tyke loves "walking" the dog

(CBS News) There are a lot of quotes around words in that headline. I wonder why... could it be that the verbs used aren't necessarily being employed in a traditional sense? Ooh, I have an idea! Let's find out by clicking play on the first video above featuring a cat and an accordion.

I dub thee "karaoke cat". Or maybe "backup vocalist cat". I could go either way. The odd, but amusing clip of a cat "meowing" to the music comes from Sergii Neverov out of the Ukraine. 

And while we've managed to figure out one of the two quoted verbs in the headline, there's still the mystery of a tyke who loves "walking" the dog from Jason Adams below. 

Spoiler: Jason writes about the candid moment with his daughter: "She kept asking for the leash, just so she could drop it and watch my dog run with it dragging behind him".