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Cat plays mean prank on kitten by giving her a "helping paw"

(CBS) - I've come to the conclusion that cats are natural pranksters. Watch what happens in the above video when one cat decides to give another a "helping paw."

Okay, so maybe that paw wasn't so helpful... and before you get too worried about the prank's victim, here's what the poster of the video, BellatheWesty, had to say about it:

-No Cats were Seriously injured, both cats are in good health (Except Kimba is above average weight for his age.) Peering over the edge, this kitten looked too scared to clamber out of the loft. Bella takes a step forward as she carefully tries to make her way down the steps with Kimba lurking behind her. As the six month old kitten climbs carefully over the edge, she glances up at the white cat who is watching her closely preparing to pounce. Then, just as she prepares to take her fifth step, Kimba reaches out playfully with a left paw and prods Bella's behind sharply. The kitten - who was not injured - is sent tumbling down to the floor below by the mischievous cat. Despite taking a heavy tumble Bella was not injured as she fell.

So we can all take a sigh of relief in knowing that Bella is okay despite Kimba's rather mean prank, and perhaps even get a laugh or two out of it.
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