Cat absolutely dominates the classic "shell game"

(CBS News) For me the classic "shell game" evokes memories of amateur magic tricks and cons perpetrated in a lot of films in the 1980's. But when you take out the sleight-of-hand element and play it straight, in reality it is a game of observational skill. Which leads me to a very observant cat in our video above... go ahead and see what happens when he's presented with the game.

The feat of feline observational skills was posted by YouTube user moonli927 who writes:

I know all cats and dogs are smart. The main purpose of sharing this video is not to show how smart Kido is, but to share my joy of knowing that Kido was willing to play shell game with me and he got it right, regardless of how he did it. If you are a pet owner, you know how hard it is to get them to do something, especially on the first time (without previous training). So I am proud of him regardless what harsh comments you may provide.
I have to say, whether Kido is just the "shell game" master or was trained to pick out certain cups, it's still pretty impressive in my humble opinion. Thanks so much for sharing this rather odd and interesting moment with us all, moonli927!