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Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA, claims she was extorted by an online hacker, report says

(CBS) NEW YORK - The recently-crowned Miss Teen USA says someone took private photos of her by hacking into her computer's webcam and is now extorting her, according to the New York Daily News.

PICTURES: Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA, claims to be cybercrime victim

Cassidy Wolf, 19, reportedly said she received an e-mail from a stranger who claimed having hacked into her computer and having taken photos of her in her bedroom.

Wolf reportedly told that she didn't know someone was watching her and that the camera's light didn't go on.

The alleged hacker reportedly told Wolf that he would not release the photos in exchange for a price.

The paper reports investigators are working on the extortion case and details on the images in question could not be released.

Wolf had been working on a cybercrime awareness campaign and intends to continue her advocacy work during her reign as Miss Teen USA.

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