Casey Anthony Update: Jose Baez, former Anthony attorney, told Crimesider about "buried" computer searches

Defense attorney Jose Baez and Casey Anthony react after the jury acquitted her of murdering her daughter, Caylee, during Anthony's murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla., July 5, 2011.
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(CBS) - Nearly five months before the Florida sheriff's office that investigated the death of Caylee Anthony admitted they hadn't turned over searches done on the Anthony home computer, former Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez told Crimesider that he believed those searches had been "buried."

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Last week, CBS affiliate WKMG quoted Orange County Sheriff's Capt. Angelo Nieves as saying that it was an "oversight" that his agency never gave prosecutors the information that on the day 2-year-old Caylee died, someone searched for "fool-proof suffication (sic)" on the computer in the Anthony home.

Baez, who represented Casey Anthony against charges she murdered her daughter Caylee, told Crimesider in an interview on July 5, 2012 - the first anniversary of Casey's acquittal - that the computer searches were among "numerous" pieces of evidence that were never brought out in trial. This evidence also includes the fact that just after searching for "fool-proof" suffocation, someone clicked onto an article about methods of suicide.

Because the searches were never raised at trial, attorneys did not have a chance to argue about who might have conducted them.

"The most difficult thing to do is to put somebody behind the computer," admitted Baez.

According to Baez, phone records showed that Casey Anthony was on the phone with a friend at the time of the computer search on June 16, 2008. He suggested that it was possible Casey's father, George Anthony, may have been the one who typed in the search terms.

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