Casey Anthony Trial Update: Defense enters day 2 after questioning duct tape, crime scene evidence

Casey Anthony listens to court proceedings during her murder trial on June 16, 2011.
AP Photo/Red Huber
Casey Anthony listens to court proceedings during her murder trial on June 16, 2011.
AP Photo/Red Huber

(CBS/WTSP/AP) ORLANDO, Fla.-- The defense enters its second day of calling witnesses as the murder trial of Casey Anthony, who is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, resumes.

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Defense attorney Jose Baez is expected to call more of the prosecution's forensic witnesses to the stand Friday after questioning several crime scene investigators and FBI evidence analysts Thursday.

Anthony's lawyers focused showing that Casey Anthony's DNA and blood were not found in the trunk of her car where prosecutors say she left her daughter's body for days, and also the duct tape prosecutors say was used to cover Caylee's mouth and suffocate her, reports CBS affiliate WTSP.

But in cross-examination, the state made the key point that in many murder cases, no blood is found anywhere at all, the station reports.

Today, the jurors may hear from a nationally known doctor, Dr. Werner Spitz, to raise questions in the prosecutions argument that Caylee was suffocated with duct tape, reports the station.

Spitz conducted a second autopsy on Caylee's decomposed body after it was found in the woods in Orlando. Spitz says he has performed more than 60,000 autopsies and has been consulted on cases as far back as the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anthony, 25, is charged with first-degree murder in the death Caylee and has pleaded not guilty.

The state says Caylee was suffocated by her mother with duct tape. The defense contends Caylee drowned in her grandparents' swimming pool. Caylee's skeletal remains were found in December 2008.

Anthony could face the death penalty if convicted.

Video: Fight at Casey Anthony trial

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