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Casey Anthony probation hearing set for today

Casey Anthony release
Casey Anthony, center, walks out of the Orange County Jail with her attorney Jose Baez, left, during her release in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday, July 17, 2011. Pool,AP Photo/Red Huber

(CBS/WKMG) ORLANDO, Fla. - Judge Belvin Perry will hear motions today from Casey Anthony's defense team. This comes after a judge ordered Anthony to return to Orange County to serve probation from a check fraud conviction in January 2010.

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Judge Stan Strickland issued the order on Monday for Anthony to return to serve one year probation. However, Strickland recused himself from Anthony's case last year, and Perry took over for her murder trial.

On Wednesday, Strickland recused himself from the probation issue and Perry took over that case as well. At that time, Perry issued a stay on Strickland's order, so Anthony did not have to report to the probation office by Thursday at 10 a.m. as the Department of Corrections had said, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

Now, Anthony's defense team has filed motions to stop Strickland's order. They are calling it fraudulent and say that Anthony served her probation while in the Orange County Jail awaiting trial on charges that she murdered her daughter, Caylee.

Anthony's lawyers also cited safety concerns if Anthony were to return to Orange County.

At Friday's 9 a.m. hearing, which Anthony will not attend, Perry could continue the stay, order Anthony to return to serve her probation, or dismiss Strickland's order.

On July 5, Anthony, 25, was found not guilty of all felony charges in Caylee's death. The jury found her guilty of four charges of lying to law enforcement and she was released from the Orange County Jail on July 17.

Since her release, Anthony's whereabouts have remains a mystery, although entertainment website TMZ published photos Wednesday that purport to show Casey Anthony out and about in Columbus, Ohio.

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