Casey Anthony Pleads Guilty ...To Check Fraud

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(AP Photo/Red Huber)
ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS/AP) Well, it's one trial down, one to go for Casey Anthony, the mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, after she plead guilty to check fraud Monday.

Photo: Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee.

PICTURES: Missing Caylee

Anthony was facing 13 counts of check fraud for allegedly going on a spending spree during the summer of 2008 - around the time her daughter disappeared. Prosecutors said she found the checks while borrowing her former best friend, Amy Huizenga's, car.

Anthony is facing the death penalty for the murder of her daughter Caylee in 2008. Anthony reported her daughter missing July of 2008, setting off a massive search, with thousands of volunteers, in central Florida.

Photo: Casey Anthony weeps during a sentencing hearing Jan. 25 for check fraud.

PICTURES: Missing Caylee

Suspicion quickly settled on Anthony and, in December 2008, a meter reader found Caylee's body in the woods near Anthony's parents' home.

Anthony's defense team has proclaimed her innocence, at times pointing the finger at a nanny, other times saying the meter reader, Roy Kronk, was responsible. The defense intends to interview Kronk's ex-wife, who, they believe, will provide testimony that supports their theory of the crime.

During the pleading hearing, Anthony tearfully apologized for her actions saying, "I just want everyone to know I'm sorry for what I did,"

"I take complete and full responsibility for my actions," she told the judge.

Followers of the case may wonder if Anthony was talking about more than check fraud.

Prosecutors had asked for five years on the fraud case but Judge Stan Strickland sentenced her to time served as well as probation if she is ever released from custody.

Anthony is currently being held on a single charge of first-degree murder for Caylee's death.

The trial for Caylee's murder is scheduled to begin summer 2010 but a prosecutor on the case recently said that didn't seem likely.

PICTURES: Missing Caylee

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