Casey Anthony lawyer Cheney Mason accepts subpoena in civil defamation trial

Casey Anthony
AP Photo/Joe Burbank
Casey Anthony
AP Photo/Joe Burbank

(CBS/WKMG) ORLANDO, Fla. - A criminal attorney for Casey Anthony has accepted a subpoena requiring her to appear at her defamation trial.

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According to CBS affiliate WKMG, lawyer Cheney Mason, who represented Anthony when she was on trial for the death of her daughter Caylee, accepted a subpoena requiring Anthony to appear for the civil trial on behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez.

People Magazine reports that investigators waited outside Anthony's Florida residence for several days in order to serve her with a subpoena.

"Our investigation team had her whereabouts pinned down," says Gonzalez's attorney, Matt Morgan, People Magazine reports. "Their backs were against the wall, so her attorneys said that they would accept service on her behalf." 

Gonzalez claims her reputation was damaged by Anthony telling detectives that a babysitter by the same name kidnapped Anthony's 2-year-old daughter Caylee, whose remains were found in 2008. Gonzalez had never met Anthony. Investigators believe Anthony may have seen the name on an apartment rental application.

During Anthony's trial last year, her attorney Jose Baez said Anthony made up the story about the babysitter and that Caylee drowned in the family pool.

Anthony was acquitted of murder charges in July 2011 but was found guilty of lying to authorities.

The civil trial is slated to start in January 2013. Anthony will have to appear at the trial on Jan. 2., People Magazine reports.

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