Casey Affleck plays rowdy Dunkin' Donuts fan in "Saturday Night Live" spoof

Casey Affleck stars in “Manchester by the Sea.”

CBS News

Casey Affleck has a pretty incredible Boston accent in “Manchester by the Sea,” and he brought it back for a spoof on Dunkin’ Donuts commercials on “Saturday Night Live.” 

The actor, who is indeed a Boston native, played a rowdy Dunkin’ Donuts regular. 

“I f***in’ love Dunkin’,” he said while wearing a Bruins hat and a Carhartt jacket.  

“I’m like the mayor of Dunkin’. This is the face of Dunkin’ Donuts right here,” he said, while holding a lit cigarette through a crack in the Dunkin’ Donuts store door. Affleck’s character says he visits the store every day and enjoys reaping the benefits of the Dunkin’ Donuts rewards program. Watch the clip below to see Affleck’s hilarious take on Dunkin’ Donuts’ most loyal customer. 

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