Carrie Underwood talks about more music and having more kids

Carrie Underwood receives an award on stage during theCMT Artists of the Year 2016 show on October 19, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood added to her long string of professional accomplishments on Wednesday when she was honored at the CMT Artists of the Year Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

The “Church Bells” singer stopped to talk with ET’s Sophie Schillaci at the event, where she reflected on her big year, and the light her son, Isaiah, has shined on her life.

“The [Storyteller Tour] has been absolutely amazing,” Underwood shared. “Isaiah’s been there the whole way so [my professional life and personal life are] all colliding. Every day he does something new, so every day is wonderful with him.”

Underwood and her husband, NHL star Mike Fisher, welcomed their adorable baby boy in February 2015, and as Isaiah’s 2nd birthday approaches, the couple have said they’re thinking about expanding their family. However, Underwood admitted that she and Fisher are letting things happen on their own, without worrying about a plan.

“It’s all on God’s timing and we just kind of realize we’re not in control and just take things as they come,” she explained.

One thing that seems to be on the horizon is Fisher’s retirement from the NHL after a long and stellar career. But that doesn’t mean the 36-year-old hockey player is going to have a ton of free time on his hands.

“He’s such a busy guy. He’s on [so many] different boards of charities and stuff like that. He’s all about giving back and being involved and helping people,” Underwood shared. “I think that will be his ‘second career,’ if you will.”

Underwood isn’t getting ready to take a break anytime soon either! The seven-time Grammy winner said she’s going to start working on her next album in the near future.

“I haven’t started writing or anything for it, but I would imagine as soon as the tour wraps up, that will be the next thing on my mind,” she explained.

Underwood’s Storyteller Tour is currently set to conclude on Nov. 28, with a final performance at the Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah.

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