Carrie Rides High

Country music sensation Carrie Underwood certainly has proven her mettle since she shot to fame by winning "American Idol." The top-selling female country artist for the last three years running, Carrie continues to hit the charts with her debut album "Some Hearts," which has sold 6 million copies to date. Now, she's is following up with "Carnival Ride" and fans who love her won't be disappointed with a combination of her trademark power ballads mixed in with some sassy songs. It has less of a pop feel and is more "country" than her first record and Carrie co-wrote four of the tracks. Now a fixture in magazines and tabloids, the 24-year-old from a small town in Oklahoma takes it all in stride. By her own admission she's not overly emotional or "mushy." She handles all of the speculation and attention with a lot of composure and cool.

Check out our interview where we talk about her music and high-profile social life. And don't forget to check out her new album.