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Carrie Prejean to Sex Tape Critics: "Christians Aren't Perfect"

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Miss Congeniality was nowhere to be found when dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean turned up on "The View" and talked about... the sex tape. Yes, that sex tape.

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"But Miss Prejean, you made the tape, you have [topless] photos of yourself, you didn't go along with the morals clause which is in the pageant's rules, and yet you say you're a victim — I don't totally buy it!"

Those were the doubting words of Joy Behar to Prejean on the daytime talkfest's Tuesday episode.

The claws were out as the former Miss California USA tried to explain her x-rated solo sex tape to the women of "The View."

"I take full responsibility for this tape that is out," Prejean said.

"I was young, I was immature, I trusted my boyfriend at the time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would actually be coming out. Not saying that would be ok."

Prejean said that foes are trying to "embarrass" and "humiliate" her because of her opposition to same-sex marriage.

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Photo: Carrie Prejean.

But Whoopi Goldberg asked the West Coast model if she was a Christian when she recorded the nude skinflick at the age of 17.

"I am simply saying that if you have presented yourself...[that you] can make edicts about others' way of life... are you surprised that you are getting the same sort of backlash?," Goldberg asked.

Prejean said that her faith has "progressed throughout the years," and that "Christians aren't perfect."

Behar asked why the young beauty would make a nude tape by herself. "I am just curious," Behar said.

"It was a personal thing, and I never said that I was perfect. Nothing is private anymore," Prejean replied.

Barbara Walters began the segment by asking Prejean if all the negative reaction to her was truly because of her opposition to same-sex marriage.

"You said that...that you have been called a bitch, a bigot, a Nazi, and your life has been threatened, and you no longer have a job...all of this, do you think happened, because you expressed that opinion?"

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Photo: Carrie Prejean.

"Absolutely," Prejean responded.

Walters continued, "There was a morals clause in your contract... could it be possibly that you were let go not because of that remark (against gay marriage), but because of some of these other things?"

"I don't think so," said Prejean.

The X-rated video's existence was revealed during a negotiating session with pageant officials.

The two sides had come together over a lawsuit Prejean filed against the Miss California organization for stripping her of her crown earlier this year. Prejean settled her suit with the pageant after knowledge of the nude film's existence was put forth, and was reportedly paid $100,000 to go toward her legal fees, according to the "Today" Show.

Prejean was fired in June. Pageant organizers said she was skipping official events.

In August, Prejean sued Miss California USA organizers for libel, slander and religious discrimination. She accused them of telling her to stop mentioning God, even before she made controversial remarks against gay marriage.

The pageant countersued Prejean last month, claiming the buxom blonde still owed them $5,200 for the breast implants they helped her buy.

Now both sides' lawsuits have disappeared, as the sex tape surfaced.


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