Caroling With Kenny G

Undated photo made available Thursday Sept. 24, 2009, from Staffordshire Hoard, showing a hilt fitting, unearthed in the Anglo-Saxon hoard found by 55-year old Terry Herbert, from Burntwood, England, as he searched a field near his home with a metal detector.
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In the Northeast, it's easy to get in the Christmas spirit. There's snow on the ground and a chill in the air. But in Florida, getting psyched for the holidays is a little tougher. So The Early Show sent Contributor Melinda Murphy to help out the folks in the Sunshine State. Here is her report.

Well, I did a little caroling - not your typical kind of caroling. Nope - I asked the fellow with the top-selling seasonal album of all time to help me out.

Kenny G was in Orlando's Winter Park wearing Santa's hat and playing as he walked on a residential neighborhood road. Kenny was not alone. Our producer, Jen, carried the backup music and the crew wore Santa hats.

This is cool. I don't even care if anybody answers the door.

"And the garage door just closed on her," noted Kenny.

Nope, it wasn't looking good. A woman in a car covered her face with her hand. As Kenny played horrible discordant sounds, his entourage laughed.

But then he spotted someone more amiable and began to play.

"It's way cool. Kenny G just in the street caroling. Just to see us," said the mom who ended up agreeing to have her sons join the players.

Her son, Paul, sure liked the idea. So we put him right to work. He was the one carrying the hats.

Of course, it's not like you need a hat in Florida.

"Hey they're swimming back there," pointed Kenny.

That's right. We were caroling to sunbathers. Some were surprised. But not as surprised as the dog was. He started barking while mom fetched her CD for an autograph.

"By the way, even now this still makes a fabulous Christmas present," she said, laughing.

Not a bad Hanukkah present either. A little girl started singing a Jewish song.

"Now that was good," praised Kenny.

But the rest of the team needed a little work. We recruited some kids to help get in tune. They tried with a few bars of "la, la, la." But some simply wouldn't join in.

"No, thank you," said one boy, laughing. Well, he did not know what he was missing.

"That's Kenny G," exclaimed one teen. "Oh my God, my mom, like, loves him."

Well, no need to use her cell to call her mother. Her mom was already by him.

And Kenny was loving his fans right back.

Sure, we weren't your every-day carolers, but we sure were having fun.