Caroline Kennedy: We Have to Do What He Would Have Done

Caroline Kennedy was the last speaker at the memorial for her uncle Ted Kennedy, held in Boston at the presidential library of her father John F. Kennedy.

"Now Teddy has become a part of history and we are the ones who will have to do all the things he would have done, for us, for each other and for our country," Kennedy said, who in many ways now becomes the senior member of the famous political family.

Caroline Kennedy's remarks we personal, talking about having to introduce Ted Kennedy at many events to "to audiences that already knew him."

She also talked about her uncle's relationship with her and all of her cousins and how he would help them through school and other endeavors.

"He believed in us - so we should believe in ourselves," she said. Special Report: Ted Kennedy

CBS News Special Report: Ted Kennedy - The Last Brother

And she talked he took all the children on historical sites to places like the monuments in Washington, Valley Forge, the Brooklyn Bridge and Bunker Hill.

"He made it something special," Caroline Kennedy said.

"How lucky I am to travel some of that journey with him," she added.

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