Carolina Forest High School Student Dead After Confrontation With Cop

Photo: Carolina Forest High School Web site.

CONWAY, S.C. (CBS/AP) A student died Friday after stabbing a police officer at Carolina Forest High School near Myrtle Beach just as school was starting, authorities said.

Several media outlets said the officer shot the student.

Police and school officials declined to comment on whether shots were fired.

The 16-year-old boy asked to speak with the officer at Carolina Forest High School in Conway, S.C., then pulled a knife after the two went into an office, Horry County schools spokeswoman Teal Britton said.

The student and the officer fought briefly and both were taken to Conway Medical Center.

The student died about three hours later at the hospital, while the officer was treated in the emergency room and was in good condition, hospital spokeswoman Julie Rajotte said.

No students saw the altercation, and school went on as scheduled, Britton said. But a number of parents came to the school and took their children out for the day.

Student Amber Lukowski told WBTW-TV that the fight happened not far from her classroom.

"We all thought there was a gunman on campus. We kept hearing stuff outside and we thought there was someone in our hall," she told the TV station. "One of the girls in my class was terrified and had to go hide under the teacher's desk."

The school has seen violence before. In June 2006, 18-year-old student Natalia Holmes was fatally stabbed 15 times by her estranged boyfriend in the parking lot. Edwin Brown pleaded guilty to murder and is serving a life sentence.

The school, about 10 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach, has about 2,000 students, according to its Web site.