Carl Jacquneaux, Louisiana man, arrested after alleged face-bite attack

Carl Jacquneaux
Lafayette Parish Sheriffâ
Face-biting suspect Carl Jacquneaux
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office

(CBS) Police in Louisiana say a 43-year-old Lafayette Parish man was arrested after he bit off a piece of another man's face during an attack, reports ABC affiliate KATC.

According to the station, police say Carl Jacquneaux knew victim Todd Credeur whom he attacked over a domestic issue. Credeur told the station that he was working in his front yard in the town of Scott when Jacquneaux appeared and attacked him, biting him on the face.

Credeur says he was able to fend off the attack with wasp spray, according to KATC. Jacquneaux then reportedly left and went to another acquaintance's home in the nearby town of Carencro and held a victim at knife point before stealing a handgun, KATC reports.

Police reportedly arrested Jacquneaux at the acquaintance's house.

Police say it is unknown if Jacquneaux was under the influence of drugs because no blood tests were performed before he was taken to jail, the station reports.

Jacquneaux is reportedly charged with aggravated burglary, simple battery, violation of probation, aggravated second degree battery and violation of protective orders. He remains in the Lafayette Parish Jail with a $312,500 bond, KATC reports

Credeur is now reportedly at home recovering from the attack .