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Capitol Missteps: Man scales Minn. statehouse dome, caught on tape, but not by cops

(CBS) MINNEAPOLIS - The escapades of a man who climbed to the top of the Minnesota State Capitol building last October are just now coming to light, thanks to a video of the daredevil climber, CBS Minnesota reports.

Security cameras evidently caught the Spider-Man-like climber scaling the 223 foot tall marble dome with Capitol police in hot pursuit.

The intruder then led security officers on a daring - and dangerous - chase, 20 stories above ground.

The station says it's not clear why the video has just now surfaced.

"It's incredibly dangerous," said State Patrol spokesperson Eric Roeske of the climb and the subsequent chase.

The white male wearing a gray hoodie likely climbed the construction scaffolding set up around the building for restoration work, Roeske said.

The climber eluded capture by hiding behind massive carved marble eagles.

Ultimately, he descended down an unguarded scaffold.

"One misstep and he would have fallen a great distance, likely to his death," Roeske told CBS Minnesota.

But given his safe getaway, Capitol security officers and the State Patrol, who are responsible for guarding the Capitol building, are worried about copy-cat climbers. They've tightened security around the building's renovation project, which is expected to continue for at least three years.

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