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Learn about the death penalty in the United States. brings you statistics, history, famous trials and more.

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href="214438.story">Tweaking Capital Punishment

Inexperienced attorneys. Wrongful convictions. Dubious eyewitness testimony. All contribute to a shaky capital punishment system that could lead to the Supreme Court taking another look at the death penalty in America. CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen reports on the politics of capital pnishment.

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href="210400.story">Death By Television

The Rev. Jesse Jackson wants executions to be televised. But has the widespread use of boring lethal injections ruined the market for prime-time mayhem? Gary Paul Gates, a longtime veteran of CBS News, takes a satirical look at the death penalty.

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href="202000.story">Dubya's DNA Straw Man

George W. Bush granted a convicted murderer and rapist a 30-day reprieve to permit DNA testing. But according to a report in USA Today, when the DNA was tested, there still was only one guilty party: Ricky Nolen McGinn. Commentary by's Pete Brush.

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href="204759.story">Death Penalty Mistakes The Rule

A mid-June study shows that two-thirds of Death Row cases are overturned on appeal, making legal mistakes the rule, not the exception.

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href="204764.story">Docs Don't Decry Death Penalty

American Medical Association delegates have declined to inject themselves into the national death penalty debate by rejecting a proposal to seek a moratorium on executions.

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href="214210.story">Bar Assoc. Calls For Executions Halt

The new president of the American Bar Association called on the organization's membership to work for a moratorium on executions, saying that problems with the death penalty are solvable.

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