Cannonball Run: Woman Leads Cops on Crazy Chase


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (CBS) Yes we know it's dangerous as all get-out, but this has to be one of the best police chases we have seen in a while and the chopper reporter must have wished he was a sportscaster, not stuck in a helicopter, because he is calling it like a horse race.

The chase reached speeds of 110 MPH, according to CBS affiliate KCAL, with a female driver channeling Mario Andretti as she slides her teal SUV between cars, crosses four lanes at a time while driving one-handed and chatting on her cell phone and keeps the Los Angeles police at a healthy distance on the busy 101 Freeway.

What started it? We don't really know. But police say they attempted to pull the woman over for failure to merge and she took off.

The chase was captured on camera from CBS affiliate KCAL's helicopter, and is complete with play-by-play coverage of the event.

The woman eventually pulled over, lay down in the middle of the highway and surrendered to police.