Candy In A Jam No Longer

In East Dallas, Texas, rescuers came to the aid of a horse stranded 25 feet down a ravine.

KTVT's Jim Walker was there as it all happened and reports there were some tense moments as rescuers tried to bring the horse to safety.

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For hours overnight, Athens Hicks and his friends tried to rescue his 11-year-old mare named Candy. When their efforts failed, a tow truck was used and the SPCA was called in. There was concern that the rope attached to Candy would snap as the tow truck tried again and again to haul her out. There were also other frustrations as well. Laurie Rose of the Dallas SPCA was worried Candy would stop trying to get up:

"The worse thing about horses, once they give up, there is not a lot you can do. There is a chance once they go down, they will never come up."

Part of what made this rescue so difficult is the drought; creek-beds are dry and crumbling. The SPCA says it's not uncommon for horses to seek out creeks and streams - but usually they don't go wandering into places from which they can't get out.

But there was a happy ending to this story: Candy survived with only a few minor injuries. Hicks was relieved, to say the least:

"She's a wonderful horse. She's better than just a good horse. She's a wonderful horse."

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