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Canada lures U.S. college students, promises afforable education

DETROIT Canadian colleges in the Detroit-Windsor region are offering U.S. students financial incentives to seek an education abroad.

CBS Detroit reports St. Clair College in Windsor and nearby University of Windsor are both trying to attract American students with more affordable alternatives to U.S. colleges.

St. Clair College Vice President John Fairley said the border is no longer a barrier for higher education.

"Fifteen percent of our inquiries for the fall are some of the people from the Michigan area," he said.

"When you're looking at having an education, less than $7,000. That's, again, capable to take you everywhere. You can start at St. Clair College and go everywhere," he said.

Alan Wildeman, president and vice-Chancellor of nearby University of Windsor, said the school was introducing a special price for students from the U.S.

Under the U.S. Neighbor Fee, the university will offer American students a tuition fee of $5,000 per semester beginning Sept. 2013.

"Students can choose where they wish to go a lot more easily and they can choose, if they wish, to put the 'U' in 'neighbour,'" he said.

Wildeman said the school will launch recruitment efforts in Michigan in the weeks ahead, and a strategic marketing campaign will launch later in 2014. Currently, only 83 U.S. students attend the University of Windsor, but the school is hoping a neighborly discount will pay off.

First-year University of Windsor student Hannon Rickets thinks a northern population could benefit her campus.

"If there is the neighborly incentive, then we'll get a lot more students and our programs will expand," he said.

Neuroscience graduate student Brennan Coristine said his advice to college seekers is to seriously consider Canada.

"I think it would be a great idea. You save a little cash, you get an education and certainly comparable to any education you'll get in the states," he said.

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