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Can Tiger's Marriage Be Saved?

Tiger Woods says he's taking an indefinite leave from golf to try to save his marriage and heal the wounds inflicted on his family by his admitted infidelity.

Woods has been married five years, and he and his wife, Elin, have a 2-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old son.

The carefully-crafted and fiercely-protected image of the world's top golfer and most recognizable and highly-paid athlete unraveled rapidly after he crashed his SUV into a tree and fire hydrant outside his Orlando, Fla. mansion in the wee hours of the morning after Thanksgiving. Multiple women have since gone public with claims they had a sexual relationship with Woods.

On "The Early Show Saturday Edition," co-anchor Erica Hill remarked that many women have told her they'd never take Woods back.

But psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig told Hill the marriage might yet be salvageable. "It depends on the quality of their relationship before all of this happened," Ludwig says. "How good a foundation did they have? And also, he wasn't in love with one woman, so this is not about being in love with a woman and straying because of that. He was having a good time with lots of different women. It wasn't about any one woman."

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Still, she added, "Here's the difficulty: When somebody cheats multiple times, it's usually due to their personality. And that is very hard to change. Is he somebody who needs that stimulation and excitement that you can't necessarily get in the same way from one person? That is the big question here."

Does Ludwig feel Woods' heart is in the right place

"Listen, you have to consider that at least part of it is a business decision, and probably a large part of it is a business decision. But, hopefully, he can use this time to get himself together and figure out what's going on with him, because I would imagine he was so busy acting out and having all of these (supposed) affairs, he may not understand what is going on and what is motivating him. So he really needs to understand that before he can be an industry in the same way he was before."

Woods is the world's first billion-dollar athlete.

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