Can this 60 Minutes producer outrun a dog?

How do elite dogs of war chase and capture bad guys? Reuben Heyman-Kantor finds out

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This week on 60 Minutes, Lara Logan took us into the secretive world of elite military dogs. These animals are not pets. They are "dogs of war," and much of what they do for U.S. Special Operations and specialized units in the FBI remains classified. We know they can jump out of helicopters on a mission, capture enemies on the battlefield, and sniff out the kind of IEDs used by the Boston Marathon bombers. One of these dogs even helped Navy SEAL Team 6 capture Osama bin Laden.

How exactly does a military dog apprehend a "bad guy"? Our brave producer Reuben Heyman-Kantor volunteered to find out in this video, shot on a Texas training ranch for our country's top tier dogs of war.