Can Cain survive sexual harassment scandal?

At the end of a week dominated by revelations Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment more than a decade ago, CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford spoke to the reporter who broke the story: Politico's Jonathan Martin.

Martin and the Huffington Post's Sam Stein chatted with Crawford about the future of Cain's campaign and more on this week's Hotsheet Live.

"Mr. Cain continues to deny the allegations. He first blamed the media, then blame liberals and then pointed a finger at Rick Perry," Martin said on "Hotsheet Live." "He's now sort of backing off that or his campaign was backing off that but obviously his campaign has faced some real tough questions about this, this week."

"The fact that he's had for him, a historic fundraising couple of days, 1.2 million is a lot considering where he was. It doesn't surprise me, this is sort of playing the victim card sort of speak," Stein said.

Watch the full discussion in the video to the left, including the roundtable's take on who gains from the potential fallout and why opponent Mitt Romney hasn't yet commented.