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Can All Computer Channel Win Audience?

Ziff Davis, the biggest name in the magazine publishing business when it comes to computers, believes the time is right for an all computer channel on your TV. ZDTV now reaches six and a half million homes and the company is making deals to extend that reach. ZDTV head Larry WangbergÂ….

"This is a network that is to computing and the Internet just like ESPN is to sports or CNN is to news. And what we've been seeing at Ziff Davis is that computing has gone main stream. There are now 110 million people in this country that use a PC at home or at the office."

But making it entertaining enough to watch is pretty tricky, they have to be technical enough so the information is worthwhileÂ….but not so techie that it's a turn-off for the massesÂ…

So, from day one, I've set out with my team to make this programming very bright and colorful, dynamic and entertaining."

. There are two daily news shows about the industry plus hourly updates, and a call in program that answers viewers' questions about the Internet or computers. You can find more information at

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