Campaign 2000 Ad Watch

The CBS News Political Unit is tracking campaign ads in the race for the White House and other key contests around the country. Here's an analysis of recent TV commercials:

Nov. 3: The Gore campaign released Lead, the most scathing attack of George W. Bush's record as Texas governor and his ability to lead. Video

Oct. 27: A shadowy group has produced a new ad modeled after the "Daisy" commercial aired by President Johnson in 1964. The new ad, in effect, accuses President Clinton and Al Gore of

Oct. 27: A new Bush ad airing in California and Illinois focuses on the issue of trust.Video

Oct. 25: An abortion rights group backing Al Gore is airing a TV commercial that says voting for Ralph Nader will help to elect George W. Bush.Video

Oct. 19: The Democrats have released a new ad that claims George W. Bush can't follow throug on his promise to reform Social Security.Video

Oct. 19: George W. Bush's newest ad features an education expert to highlight his education record in Texas and lend her endorsement.Video

Oct. 12: A Hillary Clinton TV ad slams rival Rick Lazio for missing 59 of 60 recent votes in Congress.Video

Oct. 10: Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan is airing a TV commercial on immigration. Meatball claims George W. Bush and Al Gore are "writing off" English as the national language.Video

Oct. 10: Al Gore launches a new offensive in the Campaign 2000 air war with three campaign commercials. Video

Oct. 9: Hillary Clinton has unleashed a pair of TV ads attacking Rick Lazio. One adpaints Lazio as a heartless conservative, and the other suggests he's got his hed in the sand.Video

Oct. 7: George W. Bush's newest ad aims to reach out to voters by iterating his trust in the American people.Video

Oct. 3: Two new campaign ads from Planned Parenthood target Republican and Independent women who support abortion rights.Video

Oct. 2: A new ad from New York Republican Senate hopeful Rick Lazio features Gov. George Pataki promoting Lazio as an accomplished moderate.Video

Oct. 2: A new Democratic campaign ad charges that George W. Bush and the environment are like oil and water - they just don't mix.Video

Sept. 29: Hillary Clinton's new campaign ad in her bid for the New York Senate portrays the first lady as a fiscal moderate.Video

Sept. 27: Vice President Al Gore's latest TV ad touts his record as a veteran and family man committed to family values. Video

September 27: The latest ads from the Republican National Committee and the Bush camp focus on comparing George W. Bush's record on education to the nation's. Video

September 22: Rick Lazio and the New York Democratic Party released ads sparring over taxes. Their message and tone signal the nationalization of the New York Senate race. Video

September 20: The Republican National Committee releases another campaign ad that attacks Al Gore's heath care and prescription plan, while making statements that could be misleading.Video

September 19: The Democratic National Committee's newest ad addresses education - an issue where the lines between Republican and Democratic stances have blurred. This ad is an attempt to reclaim theducation reform issue for Al Gore.Video

September 15: The Democratic National Committee has released an ad playing on the Bush campaign's new slogan - "Real Plans for Real People" - to attack Bush's Texas record.Video

September 15: The newest ad out of George W. Bush's camp glowingly compares him to rival Al Gore on the issues of prescription drug coverage, education and taxes.Video

September 14: A new ad from the Republican National Committee attacks Al Gore's prescription drug plan. The new ad replaces the controversial - and allegedly subliminal - "rats" ad.Video

September 11: The Republican National Committee released another ad attacking Al Gore's credibility. This one links Gore's involvement in the 1996 fund-raising scandal and the VP's alleged opposition to school testing.Video

September 7: Hillary Clinton’s latest ad pledges to focus on the Six R's of education. The spot's positive tone signals a hiatus in the ongoing ad war with her GOP rival, Rick Lazio.Video

September 7: In the newest campaign ad out of the George W. Bush camp, Al Gore’s words are used against him to draw attention to the recent presidential debate controversy.Video

September 6: Coming on the heels of George W. Bush's Medicare proposal, the Democratic National Committee takes a shot at the GOP nominee's health-record record as governor of Texas. Video

September 6: A new ad from Rick Lazio claims to have exposed the "ringer" in Hillary Clinton's latest ad - a woman who used to be on the Democratic party payroll. Video

September 1: Al Gore's campaign released Bean Counter, calling for a patient’s bill of rights. Its positive tone was chosen to contrast with a recent George W. Bush attack ad.Video

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