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Camp Copes With The Heat

Summer camp is all about experiencing the great outdoors — horseback riding, campfires and walks in the woods — but this summer the great outdoors has become a sweltering inferno.

For the more than six million American youngsters attending sleep-away camp, that means weeks at a time without air conditioning.

Camp Kennybrook Director Carol Landman told CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Thalia Assuras Wednesday that the camp changes its planned daily programs because of the intense heat.

"In this weather, you cut your horseback riding program because it is not fair to the horses or the kids," Landman said. "YouÂ'll probably start cutting football and soccer — that is in a field with no shade."

The camp director said sprinklers are placed all over the camp for everyone to walk through, so that by the time the campers get to the activity, they're cooled down.

"You have to be wise about taking care of yourself and the kids," Landman said.

Landman recommends wearing light clothing, carrying a water bottle and using enough sunscreen. She said oranges are cut up and put around the camp for everyone's use.

Campers are allowed to sleep an hour later most days when the temperature rises above the 90-degree mark, Landman said.

"At night, all our fans go on thermostats. Every building and every bunk has a fan that blows the hot air out," Landman explained.

She said even though the only air conditioned area in the camp is the infirmary, the campers don't seem to mind.

"No one really misses air conditioning except the adults," Landman said. "Kids are fabulous."