Calvin Klein makes a "Katniss" dress

Calvin Klein's Katniss silk-crepe dress

(CBS News) After all of the red-carpet press Jennifer Lawrence has given Calvin Klein, the fashion house has decided to return the favor.

Calvin Klein has named a dress from its Spring/Summer 2012 collection the "Katniss"  after what can only be assumed is Lawrence's character in "The Hunger Games."

Pictures: Jennifer Lawrence
Pictures: Hunger Games New York premiere

The dress, which was first sent down the runway in September, goes for $5,000.

Lawrence chose to wear Calvin Klein at her first Academy Awards last year when she was nominated for her role in "Winter's Bone." The red body-hugging dress turned heads and earned the actress spots on almost every best dressed list the following day.

This year, Lawrence chose the designer again for "The Hunger Games" premiere in New York, when she wore a forest green cocktail-length dress with a plunging neckline.

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