Dog recovering after being thrown out 3rd-floor window

CHICAGO -- The future is looking increasingly bright for a 10-month-old dog thrown earlier this month from an apartment building.

Callie became an internet sensation when the Fetching Tails Foundation posted her story online.

During a domestic dispute, a man allegedly threw the dog from a third-story apartment, CBS Chicago reports. When she hit the alley below, she suffered a fractured pelvis and ribs and a broken neck.

Police Sgt. Michael Tews was called to quell the disturbance and found Callie in the alley.

Tews said that once he determined the dog was still alive, he rushed her in his squad car to Chicago Animal Care and Control. He says that she wagged her tail on the way despite her injuries.


Callie is seen recovering after a man is accused of throwing the pooch from a third-story apartment in Chicago.

Fetching Tails Foundation

Those who have encountered Callie call her a “sweet-natured” dog, and the rescue team says Callie is well on the road to recovery.

She’s eating and drinking, has begun to walk and has wagged her tail through it all. The man accused of throwing Callie from the apartment, 22-year-old Melvin Coleman, is charged with animal cruelty.

The Fetching Tails Foundation says it has received countless calls from people who want to adopt her. Chicago Wolves hockey team co-founder Dan Levin has paid Callie’s five-figure hospital bill.

Callie is now with a foster family and will not be adopted out for several months when her recovery is complete.