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Call for DOT to Investigate FAA

CBS News Investigative producer Michael Rey wrote this story for

The Chairman of the House Transportation Committee sent a letter today raising questions about an FAA investigation into Airtech International, a major supplier of materials used in the production of military and civilian aircraft.

CBS News reported on May 22nd that Army investigators alleged that Airtech has sold sub-standard materials to virtually every aircraft manufacturer in the world. Airtech denied the allegations to CBS quoting an FAA investigation which found no wrong doing and considered the matter "closed."

"I have serious questions as to how two investigations into identical allegations could result in such divergent conclusions," Chairman James Oberstar (D-MN) wrote in the letter dated June 5th to the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Transportation. In other words, the Committee is wondering why the four-year Army investigation alleged fraud and the subsequent one-month FAA investigation found no illicit activity.

House Transportation Committee Chairman James Oberstar's Letter To DOT
Oberstar added, "I request that you reassure the Committee that FAA's conclusions are based on the best evidence available and that the traveling public is not being put at risk as a result of the alleged fraud."