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Police: California woman confesses to killing friend with bat

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- Police say a woman turned herself in Saturday night, after allegedly beating her 66-year-old friend to death with a baseball bat, reported CBS San Francisco.

San Mateo Det. Sgt. Glen Teixeira said police first learned of the murder when when 40-year-0ld Brenda Martinez showed up at the police station to confess.

"The suspect actually told us that she hit the victim with a bat," said Det. Sgt. Glen Teixeira. "She was cooperative, she was talkative. There were times when she was overcome with emotion."

Officers said the 66-year-old victim, whose identity has not yet been released, was pronounced dead at the scene with "obvious head trauma."

Martinez allegedly told police that before their altercation, she and the victim were just talking about life.

"She didn't like the discussion. She didn't like where it was going and she didn't want to talk about it, and got mad and grabbed the bat and hit the victim in the head," said Teixeira.

Neighbor Manu Finaul told CBS San Francisco that he often saw the women together.

"They were friends. They've been there ever since we can remember," Finaul said.

David Peters, who has lived in a unit between the two women for several years, said Martinez was larger and healthier than the victim.

"It wouldn't surprise me that she could," said Peters. "She was a big lady, relatively young. Ellie was older, about 60 years old, and had quite a few physical limitations."

Police arrested Martinez and said she is the only suspect. They took the bat they believe was the weapon into evidence.

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