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California teenager honored for saving little boy's life

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- A Southern California school district honored a teenage girl Tuesday for saving a boy’s life, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Janeth Santos received an award for bravery and courage from the San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Over the summer, the 13-year-old heard her neighbor screaming for help.

“I went to see what happened, and she asked me if I knew any medical things,” the teen said.

The woman was carrying her 4-year-old son, Josh, who had turned blue from choking on a piece of candy.

When the 8th grader realized his airway was obstructed, she quickly used her fingers to pull the candy out.

“I was nervous, to be honest, I really was,” the Curtis Middle School student said.

By the time paradmedics arrived, Josh was doing OK. The medics were so impressed with her story they shared it with her school district.

The teen had learned CPR at school.

“You remember everything your teacher teaches you, and I said that’s when you stop and you keep calm,” she said.

Her principal and teacher were also on hand as Janeth received her award.

“I hope other kids learn from that and really take their studies seriously,” prinicipal Marlene Bicondoba said.

“I’m teaching five classes, so hopefully I’ll have 180 students that are CPR- and first-aid certified,” teacher Jerrid Patton said.

The boy’s mother said she was thankful to Janeth for saving her son’s life and was happy she was recognized for her bravery.

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