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California police seek Lululemon pickpockets caught on video

GLENDALE, Calif. -- Police are looking for three suspects who police say were caught on tape stealing a woman's wallet inside a Lululemon store, reports CBS Los Angeles.

At around 5:30 p.m. on July 15, a man and two women were seen entering the athletic apparel store. Once inside, the surveillance video captured the man positioning himself next to a female, while one of the women stood behind the shopper and the other stood next to her.

The actual theft was not caught on video. However, police say the woman who stood behind the victim reached into her purse and took her wallet when the man held up merchandise.

"Strategically, they position themselves in a manner where no one can see the one suspect reach into the victim's handbag," Tahnee Lightfoot, a spokesperson for the Glendale Police Department, said.

The suspects fled with credit cards and more than $1,000 in cash.

According to police, the victim had no idea that someone had reached into her purse until she realized her wallet was missing.

Officers said it appears that the trio of suspects have not been connected to any other crimes, however, they do believe the victim was targeted. There have been more reports of pickpocketing recently, especially in crowded locations, Glendale police said.

Anyone who may recognize the suspects is urged to contact the Glendale Police Department at (818) 548-4911.

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