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Mom says 5th-grader got death threats, sexual photos from classmate

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A California school district is investigating after the mother of a fifth-grader said she's scared for her child's safety because she discovered death threats and sexually explicit images on a family smartphone, reports CBS Sacramento.

The woman says she's not going to allow her child to return to class until she gets answers from the Sacramento Unified School District.

She shared disturbing threats and sexually explicit messages with CBS Sacramento, which she says were sent to her daughter from another student via the messaging app "Kik."

According to the woman, one of the messages said, "B----, I'm going to kill you."

She says she found the messages on a family cellphone last week, and that they came from an 11-year-old girl at Mark Twain Elementary School in Sacramento.

The mother claims the girl also sent an explicit photograph of her uncle and his girlfriend along with messages asking her daughter and others to engage in sex acts on school property.

When she saw the messages, the woman says she immediately took her child out of school and reported the matter to the principal.

The station reports the alleged target of the threats and sexually explicit messages has been out of school for more than a week. The girl's mother sas she wants the school district to discipline the 11-year-old who's behind it all.