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California Girl Reunited With Family

A 10-year-old California girl allegedly abducted from her bedroom by a family friend was reunited with her family in Reno.

Nichole Taylor Timmons was recovered safely from Hawthorne on Tuesday and taken by an FBI agent to Reno, where she was joined later that night by her mother and an older sister who flew in from Southern California, said Mineral County Sheriff Rocky McKellip.

The location of the reunion was being kept private, McKellip said.

During her time with sheriff's deputies, Nichole appeared unhurt and in good spirits, McKellip said.

"She just acted like a 10-year-old girl," McKellip said. "She was hungry so we got her a pizza and then she was playing on the computer and even wrote a card on it to her mother."

Nichole was found Tuesday when the truck she was riding in was pulled over on a highway about 110 miles south of Reno, more than 300 miles from her Riverside, Calif., home.

Former baby sitter Glenn Park was arrested for investigation of kidnapping and jailed in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Park, 68, had recently been dismissed by the Timmons family as a baby sitter, Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach told reporters in Riverside.

"His services were no longer required here and we believe one of the reasons could be him becoming distraught with the ending of that relationship with the Timmons family," he said.

Nichole disappeared sometime before 7 a.m. Tuesday when her mother, Cheryl Timmons, discovered she was missing from her room, Riverside police Lt. John Wallace said.

"To wake up in the morning and take the blankets off of your child's bed and see empty sheets puts you in another world like you're in a cloud," Timmons said.

McKellip said authorities learned that Nichole and Park spent Monday night or early Tuesday morning at a Hawthorne motel before Park's truck was pulled over on the Walker River Indian Reservation by tribal Police Chief Ray East.

"The girl was visibly upset. She did cry. I think it was a relief for her that everything was finally over," East said.

Nichole was found about five hours after an "Amber Alert" was issued, resulting in hundreds of calls from motorists who believed they saw Nichole with Park.

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