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Dog found high on heroin, meth seen on video after detoxing

ORANGE, Calif. -- Bubba is back, running, playing and getting belly rubs after detoxing from drugs, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Police found Bubba with his owner in a Tustin motel room in March. Tests showed the terrier mix was high on heroin and methamphetamine.

Officers arrested Joshua West for drug possession and animal cruelty.

"I would say looking at his video today, his prognosis is excellent," veterinarian Matthew Wheaton at the Alicia Pet Care Center in Orange told the station. "I think that if he can avoid being exposed to additional drugs in the future with his new forever home, things are going to be perfectly fine. If the dog was truly ingesting these things in relatively large quantities, I think it would probably be more than just lethargic."

"It's hard to know because you see the dog now, and it's doing so great that lethargic for that particular dog might have actually been pretty messed up on drugs," Wheaton said.

He said that as more dog owners use drugs, especially opiates and marijuana, he sees more and more dogs coming into his animal hospital high.

"They'll go really really high, and then they'll kind of have that crash. So there might have been a lot of neurologic stimulation going on with the dog that really was, at the end of the day, kind of short-circuiting things," the veterinarian noted.

Five rescue organizations are in line to take care of Bubba.

So far, 15 people have signed up to adopt the dog.

He will be up for adoption as soon as the Orange County district attorney files charges against his owner.