Calif. man accidentally records brutal assault on girlfriend, police say

Anthony Eugene Rollins
Riverside County Sheriff's Department

(CBS/KCBS) MURRIETA, Calif. - Police say a California man accused of viciously beating his live-in girlfriend, accidentally recorded the incident on a cell phone voice mail.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Anthony Eugene Rollins is facing domestic abuse and torture charges, after the victim's cell phone led investigators to the Murrieta man, who is reportedly a former Marine. A detective investigating the case believes Rollins accidentally pocket-dialed the victim's cell phone during the attack, one minute and 26 seconds of which was recorded.

Sheriff's department documents reportedly reveal that the time stamp of the audio recording coincides with the time the victim sustained her injuries.

The alleged victim can be heard on the audio saying "my face hurts." A man police believe to be Rollins is heard saying, "You are not going to call the police ... stop crying ... don't fight, it's only going to get worse," according to a sheriff's report.

The report says what followed was the alleged victim "screaming, crying, and hitting sounds."

Rollins' girlfriend was beaten so badly she said she had no memory of the incident, CBS Los Angeles reports. She said after she woke with a headache and began vomiting, Rollins told her she had been drunk the previous night and fell down the stairs.

Rollins' girlfriend was treated at Loma Linda University Medical Center for bleeding on the brain and a fractured skull. Rollins was in court Thursday. He is being held on $1 million bond.