Calif. elementary student fires police gun, 3 hurt

Overhead shot of Newman Elementary School where a police officer's gun accidentally fired during a school safety demonstration in Southern California and three children were treated for minor injuries on Oct. 23, 2013.

CHINO, Calif. Authorities say a child pulled the trigger on a police assault rifle at a Southern California elementary school, firing a bullet and creating shrapnel that injured three kids.

Chino police spokeswoman Tamrin Olden says the AR-15 was on a rack attached to a motorcycle on display during a drug prevention assembly Wednesday at Newman Elementary School.

Olden says a child managed to fire the rifle. The bullet hit a protective metal plate and shattered, making metal debris that apparently hit the children and left them with minor injuries.

Fire officials say two students were treated at hospitals and one was treated at school for cuts and scrapes.

Tamrin says all rifles have now been removed from department motorcycles and the incident is under investigation.