Calif. Deputy Shot Dead, Cop Critical

A gunman opened fire Thursday on authorities who tried to serve search warrants at his mobile home in Central California, killing a sheriff's detective and critically wounding a police officer before barricading himself in the residence during a raging gunbattle.

Police later said the gunman was d

Deputies initially had no contact with the unidentified gunman after the shooting stopped and were unsure if he was still alive, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said. It was unclear if anyone else was inside the home.

Police later said the gunman was dead.

The names of the three injured officers were not immediately released.

Hundreds of shots were fired after deputies and a state fire official arrived at the mobile home to serve the warrants connected to arson and shooting cases allegedly involving the gunman.

Mary Novack, who runs a convenience store across the highway, said authorities used a loudspeaker to repeatedly order someone inside to surrender then smashed down the door.

She saw deputies go inside before hearing gunfire.

She later saw an officer on the ground.