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Calif. Airport Evacuated When Passenger Leaves Suitcase Behind to Make Marijuana Run

Drug Run Triggers Evacuation Of Calif. Airport

CHICO, Calif. (CBS/AP) The airport in Chico, Calif., had a security scare that led to an evacuation Friday after a passenger left his suitcase behind while he went to a medical marijuana dispensary, said police.

Police said the man arrived at the airport in a taxi when he realized he needed to stop at the dispensary. The man asked the driver to take him there, and they drove off without the bag.

Transportation Security Administration personnel spotted the item shortly after 8 a.m. Friday, and police cleared the airport, including the control tower, as a precaution.

Passengers from a United Express flight that landed during the evacuation were taken to a building away from the terminal.

Authorities eventually identified the bag's owner, and the airport reopened about an hour later.