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Cal State-Long Beach Students Celebrate As Sen. Barack Obama Wins Election

This story was written by Tiffany Rider, Daily 49er

Sen. Barack Obama became the president elect after raking in more than 330 electoral votes. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win in an election. Sen. John McCain gained 155 electoral votes.

After CNN predicted Obamas victory, many Cal State-Long Beach students watching the election coverage in the dorms erupted in screams and shouts, calling family and friends to share their excitement.This is definitely history in the making, said Jillian Le Duff, a liberal studies graduate student who voted early yesterday morning. She was excited about one day telling her future children and grandchildren that she was a part of this moment.Though there were few watching the results in the common rooms, many more students had been following the elections in the moments leading up to now.Everybody was really involved in the dorms, said Michelle Schulti, a junior human development major who voted for the first time. She said this is not the end, but the beginning, and she looks forward to seeing how things will progress.Im super excited, said Ashley Powers, a senior recreation and leisure studies major. Its about time for change.

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