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Cal Ripken, Jr., baseball Hall of Famer, says mother is "forever affected" by kidnapping

Vi Ripken (far left), Cal Ripken, Sr. (second from right), Cal Ripken, Jr. (far right) CBS Baltimore
(CBS) BALTIMORE - Baseball legend Cal Ripken, Jr. says his mother is "coping as best she can" four months after she was abducted from her home at gunpoint in what the Hall of Famer calls the scare of a lifetime.

The suspect in the July kidnapping has not been caught, and, in a new interview with CBS Baltimore, Ripken reveals the toll the case has taken on his family.

"Mom is forever affected, there's no doubt about it," Cal Ripken said. "We're forever affected as a result of that and it's a little unsettling. He's still out there...You want to forget about it but you can't forget about it until there is some sort of closure," he said.

Police say back in July a man abducted Vi Ripken from her home at gunpoint, tied her up and drove her around for 24 hours in the backseat of her own car. The suspect dropped her off just feet from her home, unharmed.

Police continue to investigate and have released new photos of the suspect taken from the surveillance camera at the Walmart in Middle River, Md.

Ripken told CBS Baltimore there's new security in place for his 74-year-old mom as they try as a family to get back to normal.

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