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Caitlyn Jenner talks jail time for fatal car crash

Caitlyn Jenner opened up and spoke publicly about potentially facing jail time after her involvement in a fatal car crash on "Today."

"The media wants that picture, don't they?" Jenner said. "That is the worst-case scenario. I don't know. We'll see. The men's county jail. It is an enormous problem that they would put trans-women in a men's county jail."

The car accident happened in February when Jenner rear-ended her Cadillac SUV against another vehicle, which then slammed into oncoming traffic, leading to that driver's death. The driver was a 69-year-old woman.

Caitlyn Jenner could face manslaughter charges following fatal car accident 00:37

Jenner explained to Matt Lauer that current litigation has prevented her from talking about the accident.

"I remember it happening. That's about it," she said. "A tragedy like this, you'll never get over it. You just learn to live with it the best you possibly can."

Legal experts say it is unlikely that Jenner will face jail time, but investigators are weighing a possible misdemeanor manslaughter charge against her.

Investigators say that Jenner did not violate any traffic laws and was obeying the speed limit, but was driving too fast for the rainy road conditions. She could face a year in county jail if convicted.

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