Cain campaign: We raised $400K yesterday

Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain answers question on his tax plan at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) in Washington, Monday, Oct., 31, 2011.
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Updated 6:36 p.m. Eastern Time

Herman Cain's campaign said it raised more than $400,000 on Monday in the wake of allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct in the 1990s in what it called "the single best day of fundraising since the start of the campaign."

"Yesterday alone, Mr. Cain received more than $400,000 in financial gifts from his supporters via online donations and other sources. This level of support is more than the normal monthly average," said Cain Chief of Staff Mark Block.

Block earlier said the campaign raised a quarter of a million dollars, calling it one of the campaign's "best fundraising days ever." The campaign released the revised figure late in the day.

Cain spent Monday and Tuesday denying the sexual misconduct allegations and suggesting a "witch hunt" against him.

"This bull's eye on my back has gotten bigger," Cain said in an appearance at the National Press Club yesterday.

On Tuesday, Block attributed fundraising success to Cain's message on jobs resonating around the country.

"Obviously we're doing something right," he said at a forum in Washington on the 2012 election sponsored by National Journal.

Block also addressed a separate Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report on allegations the Cain campaign may have skirted federal campaign finance rules, confirming the campaign has retained outside counsel. He wouldn't comment any further, directing the conversation to what "American people want to hear about: jobs, jobs, jobs."

Chided by the panel moderator for staying on message, Block gruffly joked, "what a concept."

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Below, Block addresses the allegations yesterday with CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford: