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Cackle-Free Clinton Faces Olbermann

CBS News' Fernando Suarez reports:

3308295Even though we're still in primary season, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has been getting plenty of criticism from her Republican rivals. During an interview on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Thursday, Senator Clinton was asked by Olbermann how she felt about the fact that she seemed to be the main focus of attention during Tuesday's Republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan. She was also asked whether or not her Republican counterparts were doing her campaign a favor.

"I can't worry about what they're doing," she said. "It is something, though, that a lot of my friends have noticed, and one of them I thought, rather funny, who said to me, you know, when you get to be our age, it's kind of nice to have all these men obsessed with you."

During the twelve-minute interview, the former first lady chuckled in response to Olbermann. But she never unleashed the highly-scrutinized, overly-analyzed belly laugh known as "the cackle" that has been the focus of national media over the past few weeks. Which raises the question: Has the tightly-managed Clinton campaign put the kibosh on the cackle?