C-SPAN's Scully Gets A Fitz

New from FitzLand: C-SPAN biggie Steve Scully, who's also president of the White House Correspondents' Association, is this year's recipient of the Fitzwater Center for Communications Award. The center, at New Hampshire's Franklin Pierce College, gives the award out to those it feels exemplifies its model of journalism and public service.

It's handed out by former Reagan and Bush spokesman Marlin Fitzwater, the boss of the center. Scully certainly fits the model: He's a gentleman reporter who asks the tough questions without any bias, works for the top TV public service network, and still has time to run the Correspondents' Association.

What's more, he even teaches a distance-learning course. Scully collects his bronze medal with Fitzwater's mug on it on lucky April 13. "I think it's great," says Scully.

By Paul Bedard